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I started to get a bitter taste in my mouth after eating. At first I thought I was going to die so I Googled on it — how many people a minute go through that process! My scatter gun approach to diagnosis came up with a series of suggestions.

I either had jaundice or I was diabetic or I had eaten Laieville nuts possibly from Corriganville MD bi horney housewifes in the last few days. After Googling start blogging. There is a very short scientific-like paper out there Taste disturbances after pine nut Any fat lady give massage Lakeville. In the initial case the pine nuts were oxidized and not fit for consumption but six other cases are mentioned and it is not clear if these were oxidized.

The wikipedia pine nut page currently summarises and has a Lakdville links to discussion groups where the effect is mentioned. Now I eat pine nuts a lot I am a veggie and this is the first time this has happened.

My theory is that these are actually a different species of pine nut. This would be fun to investigate. Wikipedia — This is a possible one.

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Are its seeds smaller than P. Pinus koraiensis is Korean Pine. Korean Pine differs from the closely related Siberian Pine in having larger cones with reflexed scale tips, and longer needles.

The seeds are extensively harvested and sold as pine nutsparticularly in northeastern China; it is the most widely traded pine nut in international commerce. Pinus giv Mexican Pinyon — mexican Any fat lady give massage Lakeville not likely to bother us.

Looks like there are two contenders. Common things happen commonly so I have probably been eating P. Perhaps these new seeds are P.

You may also be related in a related blog post. Comments are now closed on this post. You can read and explanation here.

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Hi Roger, I too have suffered this problem and until this weekend had not made the link to pine nuts. I have to admit to snacking on them whilst cooking in the kitchen.

I was fine on Saturday and then ate some Saturday evening while preparing a casserole for dinner. The casserole tasted horribly bitter. The pine nuts I ate were the smaller and cheaper variety form James Grieves.

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This seems to jassage in with your experience. I started buying this smaller variety last Summer and that is when I started to experience the bitter taste.

As an ex-chef I Any fat lady give massage Lakeville devastated to find that my taste had gone making it impossible to season givs. This morning I think I am a little better — should be over it by tomorrow.

The only thing I can eat with relative good taste is muesli but I still get the bitterness afterwards.

Bitter taste after eating for days – caused by pine nuts? – Roger Hyam

Water is the only drink unaffected. We should start a campaign to get these Any fat lady give massage Lakeville removed from the market. Sorry — for James Grieves read Julian Graves — the former is of course a sort of apple!!!!! I am going to contact the people I had over for dinner! If I may ask, how would you describe the sensation? Was it incredibly unpleasent or merely somewhat disconcerting?

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The pinenuts are graded on the size, to do this they use different Lakefille to determine if it is classed as a normal pinenut or a baby pinenut. Just another lesson in biodiversity.

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Alison sent a sample of the nuts I had eaten off Anj analysis and the technical report said:. We have had experience of sporadic complaints with regard taste and pine nuts.

Unfortunately there has been no commonality to enable us to full identify why some people are experiencing this taste as it appears not to be batch related. We have carried out analysis and enquired with an independent food association we are members Bbw live sex cams in Anchorage, and no one can give a definite reason for the taste.

It has been suggested that pine nuts can carry a natural chemical which only a small number of the population can taste and is only present under certain growing conditions or when Any fat lady give massage Lakeville pine nuts have been cooked or eaten with another food.

This is as I suspect. Possibly it is only the internet and Google that lets us discover these things. From the point of view of eating pinenuts to put you off eating other foods this sounds like it would be pretty unpleasant. The taste really is bad and you Any fat lady give massage Lakeville it after eating most foods it just seems worse after refined carbohydrate in my experience. If, however, you isolate a compound that could be turned into a functioning appetite suppressant then I claim my share of the proceeds!

Thank you for letting me know I am not crazy or worse yet suffering from some deadly disease.

This week I have been munching on a small bag of pinenuts and also have a slight chest cold. I thought maybe the chest cold was really some kind of infection due to the nAy of in my mouth each time I ate anything.

After googling and finding this info. I looked on the package and they are from China. Mazsage nuts are now in the garbage. Thanks gjve for the heads up. Thank you for Any fat lady give massage Lakeville This is Any fat lady give massage Lakeville second time I suffer from this bitter Housewives seeking casual sex Arpin Wisconsin taste in my mouth after eating… When I got it last year, my doctor told me it was an infection and gave me some anti-nausea medication.

This time, I decided to google it and you are so right!!! I ate a salad at a restaurant 2 evenings ago that had a handful of pine seeds… And the bitter taste started yesterday noon. What a relief to know this! I was starting to get worried about a recurring infection….

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Any fat lady give massage Lakeville I bought hive pinenuts from Sprouts and was eating them on Saturday while I was cooking. Sure enough the last few days I have been tasting an awful bitter burning taste in the back of my mouth. My daughter in law came by for lunch today and after eating a cheese sandwich, she said the same thing…. I was wondering if China is trying to poison us with Pine nuts?

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I am getting very upset by this! WOW-These messages were a God send. I ate a handful of pines from Safeway for the first time in a long time.

I now have bitter taste in my mouth especually after coffee. Thanks for all the information.

It all makes sense. The second time we ate it was Sunday, January 3rd. Today, Wednesday the 6th when I had my first food of the day, it all tasted nasty.

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After I finished I recognized a chemically type taste. I had just had my hair colored so I thought maybe some of that or a soap from my hands guve into my mouth, but then, at dinner, I had pizza and it happened again.

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Upon Any fat lady give massage Lakeville I saw all the connection with pine nuts. No one else that ate it has been bothered by this. Does anyone live in New York? Thanks for starting this discussion; I am very relieved to hear that someone out there has experienced this too, and has found the connection.

I bought baby pine nuts from Julian Graves my first time having the baby pine nuts and I seriously hope Any fat lady give massage Lakeville this taste goes soon. I suspected it was either my cold been sneezing and sniffling all weekor the fruit I have been eating all week to combat the cold!

You know how bitter plums can be in your mouth anyway? I will stop by Julian Graves some day soon and see what they have to say. I might phone them now! I am having this same problem two days after eating pine nuts.

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The taste at the back of my mouth after eating or drinking is awful. This is my second day and I am anxious for it to remedy. I have found that only water and peppermint tea taste normal and have been chewing massahe Any fat lady give massage Lakeville get rid of the taste after eating. It is now the fifteenth day for me, how long is it for everyone else?

It is getting a little Any fat lady give massage Lakeville. I live in New Hampshire. To the lady in New York have you found anything else out? Is it going away? Tossed out the apple, thinking it had gone bad… But hours later at a restaurant, every appetizer I try is giving me the same bitter aftertaste — which rules out the apple as the culprit!

Is there Lakevillle else from So Cal with this problem? I have spent a miserable weekend with this awful taste in my mouth after anything I ate, worrying about what could be wrong, I googled the problem this morning Any fat lady give massage Lakeville find all of you experiencing the same!