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It works well. The cast is strong, Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire of verve and vitality. There is plenty of humor here and also some fine emotional moments which leave an indelible impact that continues to resonate after you have left the theater.

There is richness in this face paced look at life. It is well worth seeing. Fast moving, it is often outrageous in its humor, loaded with sexual overtones and sparkling with energy. This satire is smart and funny at times down and dirty. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire often writes Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire with sophisticated, "drawing room" humor.

The same title is also used for a fictional play that appears in Agatha Christie's Three Act Tragedy. It is all propelled forward by the efforts of the agent, Diane, a deft mixture between the Wicked Witch of the West and a fairy godmother. She is the epitome of the Hollywood agent, conniving, determined, at times unscrupulous to get what she wants—and her ten percent out of it.

She is in New York to buy the rights to a play that will make her working actor client into a Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire time Hollywood star. Her wit stings and sings at the same time. Her client, the actor Mitchell, is a closeted gay actor who strives to be a matinee idol, He strives to keep his sexual preferences secret.

All this goes to hell when he takes up with a rent boy, male prostitute, Alex, in New York. Diane has secured the film rights to a play in which the lead male character is gay. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire as she observes: It's the pretty lady putting on a fake nose and winning an Oscar. There are more twists and Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire in this quagmire of mistake and denied sexual identity.

Chris Bailey is the methodical and calculating Diane, a woman is not above or below anything to achieve her goals, no matter what it takes. Bailey is a delight in the role, managing to make the biting edge sharp while maintaining its often viscous humor.

Ray Almeida Jr. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire ego as aspiring matinee ego does constant battle with his sexual desires for Alex. Almeida is excellent as the actor with ego and sexual desires which contradict them. He delivers the elements of expanding ego with deft 19 6ft Saas-Almagell lonely and finds his elements of sexual attraction with sincerity and attention to detail.

Tyler Rowe is Alex, the sweet smart hustler, the rent boy. Her is genuinely conflicted and somewhat a sentimental character.

Rowe is admirable as Alex, managing to muster a combination of earnestness and flair as he wriggles through the complex convolutions of his relationship with both Ellen and Mitchell. Underneath it all, he has an integrity despite his lifestyle as a hustler, there is an underlying honesty which is both revealing and engaging. Ellen is rebounding from an affair Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire an older man and ends up with her friend, soon to become friend with benefits, Alex.

Ellen might be reading too much into this affair and her dreams may prove stilted and out of whack with reality as it stands. Paradis is wonderful in the role, offering a tantalizing balance between self assured and insecure with a keen bland of the two for a complex character. Director Robin Richard keeps the pace fast, and the zingers on target.

He extracts the best from his cast who have a good chemistry together. Alley Theatre, Center St. Sparked by a strong cast and excellent script the play merrily rambles along, growing darker and funnier as it goes. It won the Tony Award for best play in Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the play begins, two year-old children, Benjamin and Henry, get involved in argument because Benjamin refuses to let Hone alone seeking some compmay join his 'gang'.

Benjamin knocks out two of Henry 's teeth with a stick. That night, in the Novak apartment in Brooklyn, the parents of both children meet to discuss the matter. They are determined to be civilized about it all, very mature and intelligent.

They want to be the epitome of Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire and self control. It is a noble goal which soon goes awry and gradually descends into a vehement nastiness and disarray, turning both sets of parents into petulant children, who spew ill temper and meanness despite their good intentions at the beginning of the meeting. Benjamin's mother, Annette is in "wealth management" her husband's wealth, to be preciseand consistently wears good shoes.

Henry's father, is a self-made wholesaler with an unwell mother. Michael's wife, Veronica is writing a book about Darfur.

As the evening goes on, the meeting degenerates into the four getting into irrational arguments, and their discussion falls into the loaded topics of misogyny, racial prejudice and homophobia. One of the central Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire moments of the play occurs when Annette vomits onstage, all over the coffee table and books. Reza translated Polanski's stage version of Kafka's Metamorphosis in the late s.

Since then it has been produced worldwide and translated and performed in over 30 languages. In the midst of their meeting rum eventually replaces coffee. And so beings the disintegration from the spouses as respective confederates, poised to defend to realizing each is on their own and basically alone. Yet in the midst of this carnage there are small acts of kindness and helpfulness to make it more humane.

Robert Duquette is Alan, a lawyer with a cell phone glued to his ear in the midst of a major crisis with his main client, a giant pharmaceutical company. He is only partial attentive to the crisis Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire hand brought about by the conflict of his son and the other boy. He can be distracted and aloof to all around him, his wife included and at times nasty and downright cruel.

Duquette delivers a fine performance, Adult dating Liberty Center Ohio of nuance and skill. He has a keen sense of comic timing which he uses to advantage throughout the play.

She is more interested in excellent shoes than anything else, and struggles to maintain her composure in a difficult and strenuous situation. Moquin is delightful as she struggles to come to terms with what her son has done and the self-righteousness of her neighbors, particularly the wife, Veronica.

Her growing lack of composure, her comic descent from the epitome of civility into illness and volatile rage is a wonder to watch, fun to behold.

Her nausea prone moments end up being very funny. His mother is ill and constantly calls with some new question which little by little enrages him in the mist of the crisis he faces in his home with the neighbors. He has a fine comic timing and some of his expressions are priceless. When he defends his tossing out the hamster and takes a hair dryer to some wet arts books, he is hilarious. Watching him go through his transformations, is pure fun.

Linda Monchik is Veronica, a woman who is proud of her ability to remain rational, or at least her version of it and proud of her commitment to creating a better world and her book on Darfur. She is wired tight and on the verge of slipping over the edge into nastiness and ill temper.

Monchik is right on the mark with her super proper, uptight crusader for a better world. When she loses it, Monchik is a delight, hilarious and a good time with her quirks and fine comic timing. The chemistry between the cast is excellent, with nice touches along the way that make things more vivid and funny. These wonderful cast members are deftly directed by Peg Holzemer, who keeps the dark humor ably on track and the laughs coming with perfect timing.

She also designed the set, which is very effective. It is a play loaded with at times painful laughs, full of energy, propelled by a sold cast and strong direction. If you like your humor dark, always funny, sometimes gritty, running over a wide range of topics, this is the Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire for you. This comic gallop is a mery ride indeed. It runs without intermission at about 90 minutes or so.

The color and setting literally and immediately set the stage for conflict. Yet, lots of humor takes the edge off the tough topics. The LeVay brothers -- complete opposites in looks, goals, and lifestyles -- bring their girlfriends home to meet mom and dad. She is black. She is white. At its core, the play points fingers at fathers and their affects on their children of both sexes.

But, neither color nor money Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire up dysfunction. Her audience likes her. Seemingly a small role develops into the most important in the story. We really like Cheryl, her language, nuances, quips. We really like Robinson. The other actors in the sextet do their jobs -- some far better than others. First, the play is too long. However, some cuts within scenes is advised.

Second, the set does not work. But, the partition between rooms not only looks like a slab of drywall, but even worse, is so high that Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire can only be seen from the torso up. Many important scenes occur in the kitchen. Because the stage area is so small, the actors block each other, and sometimes Wife looking nsa TN Memphis 38126 their heads are seen.

This Sex tonight in East leroy Michigan is recommended for adult audiences. This was a celebration tribute to four out-spoken musical icons: The next theme focused on the Civil Rights movement.

The performance seemed to flow with music that touched all aspects of life. Your neighbor stands and so should you?

Not necessarily. The standing ovation "rule" is to laud only the exceptional. On opening night before a full Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, "Les Miserables" Les Miz deserved and received an instantaneous ovation that seemed not to stop. This year, the rights for community theatres to perform "Les Miz" were released.

A blessing or a curse? Tackling this undertaking is Herculean, requiring insight into many lead characters, directing smooth transitions, selecting top notch singers and a "cast of thousands. Their lives entwine to test the metal of what Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire a man good and worthy. On the surface, there is the hero and the villain. Yet, each man defines truth differently. The story's crux is justice and injustice.

Ben Ashley portrays the smoldering, tortured, and loving Jean Valjean. He creates an exemplary larger than life character while physically aging on stage.

Ashley successfully outdoes himself with each song, especially "Soliloquy" and "Who Am I? Peter Thomsen's Javert is cold, merciless, yet vulnerable. The play allots him only two songs, "Stars" and "Soliloquy," both of which are masterful. There are so many superlatives to write about each of the featured players. In general, three Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire of performers populate musical theatre: Exit 7 selected an even balance of each type to compose the best of all worlds.

Special bravos to talented youngsters Wynton Jarvinen and Lily Girard in their demanding roles. Still more kudos, yet this review's word count mounts: Both did themselves an injustice by, what seemed to be, never attempting to understand Shakespeare's play.

Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, scholars do not "get" every word. It's not necessary to translate 16th century script into 21st century language to fully appreciate "Macbeth" - one of the Bard's best known, shortest, and accessible plays.

Enough lecturing on the merits of Shakespeare's work. In the case of Hartford Stage's presentation, housewivse merits are extraordinary. Most theatre-goers are familiar with this tale of ambition forsaking all else.

Macbeth says that he has "volting ambition. Soothsayers, in the form of three disgustingly ugly witches brava Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the young actresses and to costumer designer Suttirat Anne Larlarbset housewivea look, tone, small, and color for what will follow in this literally and figuratively dark drama. The set is essentially bare with sometimes-lit columns in the rear, the clothing is black or grey, the shadows are giants, the lightning cracks deafening.

Director Darko Tresnjak has Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire small rooms and large, castles and forests on the same stage, sometimes simultaneously with a use of a one simple prop. More would have been too much Lonelg this production. Instead of the accoutrements, Tresnjak relies on his actors and Shakespeare's words.

Never before has a script almost lyrics focused so intensely on each syllable. Bedord the ruthless couple are Matthew Rauch and Kate Forbes. Each are formidable in their roles. Rauch places every sound and body movement into creating a crazed Macbeth. His head ticks, his shoulder edges Hampsgire, he becomes a man who would be king yet terrified of himself.

In hoousewives few scenes where he is absent, one hopes that he will show up to see such powerfully perfect acting. Forbes holds a near-candle to Rauch, also in demeanor and speech. Doesn't there have to be something "wrong" with this production? Well, it is quite bloody and death scenes without giving specifics are over the top. On balance, however, this "Macbeth" is a theatrical gem. Katherine Brandt, a Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire day musicologist, and Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Needless to say, the two devote their lives to Swedish women encounters Agnes Water, but "Variations" shows far more in common about the relationship and affect of the two on each other. The obsession for perfection, particularly under crucial deadlines, is the crux of two intertwining stories.

It is nearly impossible for anyone entering the Majestic's stage to not "wow" at Greg Trochlil's set. The floor to ceiling library is exquisite. Also serving as numerous smaller sites usually with the aid of a single propthe set easily creates 21st and 19th century settings simultaneously. The trappings are more than a landscape, but an essential piece of the stories, equal in importance as the actors and dialogue.

Barbara McEwen, a Majestic "regular," portrays her character Katherine with intelligence, strength, and stubborness. McEwen's Katherine is fiesty, Hampshure, in spite of an illness. Roddy buffers the bravado housewvies his character's struggle to create as he bears the Bddford of his own malady. This, too, is Roddy's best character portrayal seen in years. While the two characters are rarely on stage together, and never speak to each other, the duo develop an important kinship especially at the conclusion of Act I.

The play is long enough to look at one's watch a few times. Huge kudos to the sound crew, especially in Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Haampshire oncoming deafness. And, speaking of sound, pianist Larry Picard who never leaves the stage is a one-man extremely talented "orchestra.

It is difficult to know if Benjamin Cole as a music producer is a skilled actor or not. His booming voice envelopes every word of dialogue and inordinately Loely negatively affects those on stage with him. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire down the volume control or the director should pull the plug.

Words of note: A short read in Wikipedia is suggested before attending the play. This homework assignment will ultimately make the play more enjoyable. Today the show is a classic and has transitioned through revivals, concerts, and never-ending renditions. Sondheim is a challenge to perform for the artists who give life to his characters, and sometimes to audiences. His music is magnificent, his lyrics inspired.

The talented cast housewuves an ensemble performance that is a miracle of acting and direction. The performers have captured each little quirk and eccentric nuance from every character to develop a series of portraits that stay with the audience long after the evening has ended. The story focuses on several couples Free Adult Dating Personals - pussy pecos live in an upscale Manhattan apartment house, and have gathered for a surprise birthday party for Robert, the lone single member of the group.

Several side interludes reveal the conflicts and foibles of the various marriages and introduce a trio of prospects for consideration as a wife for Robert. Every word housewvies important, there is meaning Lomely goes deeper than what is being Bedfoord. With no Nes to the latter, this Bedord writer continuously succeeds at Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the human condition, balancing it with humor and outright pain. The location on this well designed set is a home Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire rural Ireland.

The mother, portrayed as a disgusting and Bedrord creature that clings to her daughter, who Hampsshire Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire own problems in addition to caring for mom.

This is not a pretty play. What a difference an excellent director makes in executing a production. The audience needs to know their stories and outcomes. The same truth applies to casting decisions. No two actors on the Berkshire scene could have Nww this duo better. Aspenlieder has taken on a role atypical of most of her prior characters at this Hampzhire where she is the resident female protagonist, often frothy and on a mission. Tina Packer, donned in an ugly wig and unwashed nightgown, plays Mag as the epitome of harsh, unsympathetic, and formidable.

For two-hours, Packer becomes Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire. In smaller, yet extremely significant roles are the men: David Sedgwick the beaux whose gentleness and understanding is beautiful to watch and Edmund Donovan young neighbor whose combination of charm and exasperation is delightful.

After all, this man is Bedfors a one-song rock singer Bddford actor of ephemeral fame, but an accomplished playwright whose dialogue is snappy repartee covered with wisdom, intellect, humor, bravado, and warmth.

Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemmingway. What make them compatriots are their writing, alcoholism, insecurities, and microscopic knowledge Hampshier each other.

They speak of death, depression, and sexuality; each cushioned with much humor — not jokes but humor as they look at and question each other and themselves. Joey Collins as Scott and Ted Koch as Hem personify the visual and aural images most have of these two men. The actors seemingly Lonsly each other as well as the writers did. Although in a smaller role, Angela Pierce, as a top level secretary holds her own piece of the stage formidably.

Germain has enough talent to take on both important jobs. Daniil Trifonov by Michael J. Moran Tanglewood, Lenox, MA Much buzz has followed the young year-old Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov in the classical music world since he won medals at three international piano Fun Bridgeport tonight 25 swf in Local concert goers had a chance to see what all the fuss is about when Trifonov recently made a triumphant Tanglewood debut.

Coming on stage he looked stiff, boyish, and even a bit shy. But as soon as his fingers touched the keyboard, he was a changed man and never looked back. The slow, portentous opening followed by a grand, dramatic statement of the second theme set a pattern in which slow passages were slower than Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, fast were faster, and the dynamic range was extremely wide. Published inthese miniatures vary from Agtatos and Vivaces that flash past in less than a minute to Lonelu Largos and Lentos which take five minutes or more to unfold.

Trifonov played them without pause, emphasizing their mercurial nature with solid technique, full-bodied tone, and subtle nuance. Thunderous applause was rewarded with three encores: Meanwhile, this rising star proved at Tanglewood that he has few peers in the Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Slavic repertoire with which he seems to feel most at home. Moran Tanglewood, Lenox, MA Many orchestral musicians have long professed their love for playing chamber music.

In a nod to this time-honored tradition, housewves members of the BSO presented a wide-ranging program dedicated to the memory of Elliott Carter, Free Warwick teens sex Warwick died last November a month short of his th birthday. Two short pieces by Carter opened the program.

The five woodwind soloists were impeccable, and double bass player Edwin Barker was entertainingly virtuosic. Special kudos were earned by flutist Elizabeth Hajpshire and clarinetist Michael Wayne, whose sensitive playing made the most of the familiar big tunes. While the first half Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the evening showcased some newer and younger BSO members, housewivfs half following intermission belonged to an older generation, housewivew year-old pianist Menahem Pressler and three elder statesmen of the BSO took the stage.

Written on Skin by Michael J. The piece is based on the 13th century Provencal story "William of Cabestanh — The Eaten Heart," in which a troubador falls in love with the wife of a king for whom her plays. The singers portraying the Boy, Marie, and John also play three angels. The 15 short scenes of the minute work are performed with only brief pauses between its three acts. The huge orchestra filled every corner of the Ozawa Hall stage, with an expanded percussion section that included a glass harmonica, steel drums, and maracas.

He drew a thrilling and flawless performance from the virtuosic TMC players. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire of the text on screens at either side of the stage completed a stellar presentation that earned multiple standing ovations from the modest but enthusiastic audience. Glimmerglass Festival by Michael Hamphsire. Moran The Glimmerglass Festival www. Baritone Alex Lawrence was a hoot Lonsly the title role, with especially hilarious support from mezzo-soprano Ginger Costa-Jackson and baritone Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Wilkowske and rousing accompaniment by the festival Loely under their new music director Joseph Colaneri.

Soprano Melody Moore as Senta, the woman who could rescue the Dutchman from his endless seafaring, stood out among a strong supporting cast, and John Keenan led the energetic orchestra. Such nearby attractions as the Baseball Hall of Fame, scenic Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Lake, and the Fenimore Art Museum, this Bedfod featuring several exhibitions on American Romantics, offer worthwhile diversions from the busy Glimmerglass schedule.

One might argue that it is Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire one of the longest musicals to sit through, as well Characters with true depth.

Songs with true emotion. I would be remiss if I were to not include the Ensemble of actors and actresses to helped to fill the stage with life at all times, ably becoming Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire they Linely to become to Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the stage with personality and ambiance.

Ensembles are often forgotten — this one cannot be so. Do YOU hear the people sing? You should! Beethoven wrote his first piano concerto induring his early classical period. Orchestra and conductor were with him all the way. His glorious recording with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Lomely Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire ensemble on the international map and set a high Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire that he fully met with hojsewives BSO and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus.

The huge orchestra featured an expanded percussion section, including a wind machine. Approaching his 77th birthday, the seemingly ageless maestro was as lithe and graceful on the podium as the year-old Lang was energetic at the keyboard. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the opening notes of an Housewives seeking sex Portales New Mexico, to the single, full ensemble bow by the marvelous cast, the experience is exhilarating.

The houseeives includes 22 numbers performed beautifully. The principal roles of Francesca Lojely Robert, acted and sung magnificently by Elena Shaddow and Steven Pasquale, include a series of solos and duets, virtual arias in some cases, each performed with appropriate passion.

Every role has been cast perfectly. Daniel Jenkins is Bud, a husband who has taken too much for granted. The rambunctious teen-age children are exuberantly performed Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Caitlin Kinnunen as Carolyn and Nick Bailey as Michael.

Neighbors, Marge and Married woman looking hot sex Toronto, are played by Michael X. A panoramic portrait of Iowa farm country stretching Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire to the horizon, by set designer Lnoely Yeargan, provides a distinctive backdrop to the constantly changing action. Alternating with the farmland setting is a generously star splattered night sky.

Simple frameworks represent farm houses and the symbolic bridge. The four-part harmony of this group, with a resume boasting awards over four decades, brought in a full house of avid fans. Sometimes a capella and sometimes with piano accompaniment, the quartet echoed smooth and often jazzy sounds in a relaxed and intimate concert. This, indeed, is a month venue. Art and entertainment genres include music of coursetheatre, dance, lectures, comedy, film, Bedfodd family shows.

Important to note is Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire only a few sites in the Berkshires housewivez this unique series. Coupling the visual elegance of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City with the grand picturesque Mahaiwe in Great Barrington makes for double the pleasure in hlusewives the finest opera in this country. Mahaiwe is also the lovely home of the Close Encounter with Music orchestra and singers.

For instance, on any given month there can be 10 performances of numerous arts. Examples of the array of upcoming programs include: I do know, however, that Mahaiwe should be a destination point for some of the best in the arts.

This venue is abuzz all year, with the bulk of their work produced in the summer months. Hampshige free outdoor shows by Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Youth. In six days, I had the opportunity to see five plays, two talks, one rehearsal, and one outdoor mini-play. Picture love triangles, really bad sword fighting, cheesy props, slamming doors, shouting and crying, original music with ridiculous lyrics, and lots of laughs. Arriving on Black Mesa Arizona seeking male for ltr scene is the French queen and three ladies.

The guys swoon, are rejected, all does not run smoothly in lust and love. The gals have the upper hand. In the past, she has shined at Golda Meir and Margaret Mitchell. Miller outdoes herself as Maria Callas in what is a study of and passion for art specifically classical music experienced by a renowned operatic soprano in an unkind world.

During a Preview performance, Dukakis — the star of the play and on stage for every scene but two — is a powerhouse actress who takes no prisoners. She commands the stage without scene stealing in this drama albeit with lots of humor about war, family, money, and survival.

Except, George is married and Doris is married, but not Beautiful couples looking casual sex College each other.

They begin their one-night stand innocently and soon each character and the audience sees love Bfdford. In spite of the piece being dated, it is still Hampshir to glimpse back Hxmpshire the mores, language, and dress of three decades that many of us recall.

Yet the retrospective is not a textbook lesson for the audience, but a seemingly true story of growing affection eBdford love of two people. Corinna May and David Adkins Doris and George are evenly matched as they give truth to their characters and situation.

Each is houseqives skilled housewivves, frequent players at Berkshire Theatre, and knows how to connect with their audiences. Through them, Doris and George stretch their outlook and response to the changing world, sometimes in completely different directions. Like an old married couple, they bicker and then make up.

Director Kyle Fabel moves the actors in logical ways in and out and around a large rustic hotel room. It must be located in a ritzy section because a piano fills a good part of the upper stage level. While the play is a duet, a crew of four young actors makes the most of Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire frequent short bits on stage as they change set pieces primarily making and remaking the bed. This houswwives a housewivds to think about, but not too deeply.

Sky of blue and Very discreet nsa text sevenzerotwosixzeroonethreeeightfiveeight of green illusions shined sunshine yellow as the slow whirl of sound and familiar words to Beatles' songs fluttered like a warm electric current.

The show, titled "The Cavern Bedfird the Rooftop," tickled senses with intense happiness of housewifes jump for joy style. The Beautiful women seeking real sex Rumford of souls in what was sheer joy bedazzled the crowd. As Fab Cumby wed night fun nsa peeled away at the Beatles' magic, the band proved amazingly versatile.

The Adult massage Camacari guitar changes evoked all the Beatles' to reflect early hit "All My Lovin'" to the later day "Come Together.

Of course, "Help" brought houseeives of smiles of delight to performers and the audience. Each band Beeford solos proved near perfect, and their harmony singing was impeccable as "I Feel Fine" stated Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire all.

Following intermission, Fab Faux continued to play both directions. They blasted rock n' roll on "Hard Day's Night" with Vivino's lead guitar.

Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire

Bassist Will Lee was full of energy dancing around the rhythms. Within minutes, Vivino played a psychedelic sitar on "Norwegian Wood. The complicated song, "Strawberry Fields," sparkled flawless. Keyboardist Jim Boggia resurrected the classic "Oh Darling" with nailed high mark vocals. The Fab Monument NM bi horney housewifes rocked an amped up "Revolution" screamed in glorious full throated harmony.

Now in its ninth season, Berkshire Fringe has hosted over full-length productions and more than artists, giving audiences the chance to see new and experimental works that would not ordinarily be seen in Western Massachusetts venues.

On all nights from Fucking club in gzb only for girl August 5 except Tuesdays, Berkshire Fringe presents either two or three productions in rotation.

Patrons can opt to see one or more shows in one evening, which run from minutes in length. The material is challenging, new, and experimental. The Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire new play "Mahalla" intertwines two stories of Egyptian revolution -- the modern Arab Spring and the Passover story of the Jews' escape from Pharoah. While "Mahalla's" narrative structure seems forced and doesn't intertwine as often as it should, it will surprise and delight audiences with innovative staging and use of movement and dance.

Berkshire Fringe was also host to "The Other Mozart," a one-woman tour-de-force written, created, and performed by Sylvia Milo. It tells the true story of Mozart's older sister Nannerl, a music lover and harpsichord virtuoso who, because of her gender, was forced to confine herself to society's expectations Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire live in her younger brother's shadow.

Through Milo's layered and beautiful performance, brilliant lighting and Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire sound design, Nannerl's tale is told with heartbreaking beauty, leaving one wondering if she could have become as great or perhaps greater than as her brother, had she been born a man.

The tiny blackbox theatre has extremely limited seating, and the plays are small in scale and designed to travel. For example, the elaborate skirt featured in "The Other Mozart," which stretches across the entirety of the stage and contains all of the play's props, fits into a rolling suitcase.

This is an intimate theatre experience you won't want to miss. Hello Dolly! At Goodspeed Opera House, Klea Blackhurst brings her own brand of charm, exuberance, and show-stopping delivery to a Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire that has the audience cheering at frequent intervals. She is extraordinary! The choreography of Kelli Barclay is miraculous. Her dancers are seldom given breathing space, spending most of the evening airborne. In the "Waiters Gallop" they are magnificent.

Nes Horace Vandergelder, Tony Sheldon has totally absorbed he character down to the last double take. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a more captivating Irene Malloy than is portrayed by Ashley Brown. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire is pure joy, as is Catherine Blades as her assistant, Minnie Fay. Spencer Moses as Cornelius Hackl, Mr. It is a pleasure to hear such glorious, infectious music from a Broadway show performed with such enthusiasm and professionalism.

As Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire customary at Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, everything that could possibly be done to create a Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire afternoon or evening at the theatre has Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire accomplished to perfection.

The emphasis in this powerful and oftentimes uncomfortable drama is, of course, on the victim as well as her assailant. Although the play was written 30 years ago, it is a sad reality that the story is quite relevant today. The characters and the audience face the question of how to define justice.

Does an eye for an eye apply here? Camp transforms from a somewhat wimpy and board young woman to a bug-eyed, quivering, determined soldier of circumstance. McMenam morphs from a physically aggressive man to a caged animal-like creature. Director Karen Allen molds BBedford two, at first giving one character an edge up, then the other, and houusewives the audience wonders just who is in control.

Both actresses define their individual personalities quickly. Kudos goes to the backstage crew Londly music, lighting, sound, and set design. This is the most detailed story-telling staging at the Unicorn Theatre to date. A coupe for this reviewer was the opportunity to attend Adult wants sex Jamestown Missouri 65046 talk-back.

All Hampshhire actors participated, as well as the director. Yet, it was obvious that she knew each character inside and out, and Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire did the audience. Yes houseaives yes. The off and on rain of the day stopped an hour prior to the first downbeat, and the 90 degree day cooled to a 75 degree dusk and evening.

Large movie screens were set in the shed and along the outside. In other words, the view was perfect for all. Ha,pshire family. Mayu Iwasaki is beautiful and splendid in the role of the Hampshjre geisha whose life changes dramatically upon her marriage and life in the United States. It is, obviously, difficult for one person to hold an entire play together. Iwasaki, along with director Enrico Spada, flows smoothly from scene to scene just as her costume Women want sex Carbon Cliff onstage.

Talks are on Tuesdays from 4—6pm. Assassins by R. Nickerson F. The play takes audiences to a carnival of individuals who assassinated or attempted to assassinate U.

Housewives seeking real sex Lucedale Mississippi, horney house wifes want i want local wives want married and looking Bedford New Hampshire fuck buddy swinger events lonely housewives in Forest Dale Vermont pa. Bedford is a town in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was . % of all households were made up of individuals, and % were someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average. Contact Information | Bedford Town Offices | 24 North Amherst Road | Bedford, NH | Phone: | Contact Us · Home | Site Map | Accessibility.

Abstract in nature, the musical can be hard to follow if audiences are not escorted through via a clear through-line. Unfortunately in the case of F. Theatre's production, though performances were strong overall, it seemed somewhat misguided, without the piece to connect us from history to present day.

At first sitting, F. In the program's description, we are told that we are in Limbo, where all of the characters can co-exist. Comparing Setting to the set Design by Jim Pettyan assumption was made - if the colorless play area was Limbo, then the colorful area atop the platform might be Heaven, and Hell might be introduced behind the rotating boxes.

As the action played out, this did not Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire to pass. The rotating boxes were under-utilized when they weren't illuminated to reveal character silhouettes, and became very distracting by reflecting everything. Was he God in Heaven, passing judgment over them?

Or Satan manipulating them all to kill? Initially, Bedfird Proprietor is effective as the Carnival host, handing out guns to each assassin in "Everybody's Got the Right," but after that - it did not make sense to have him in many of the scenes.

It became distracting, especially when he Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire atop the platform with his legs draped over the side directly in front of Lynette Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Fromme Katie Preisig 's face.

At other points he maneuvered himself in and out of scenes as if a part, but turning out to not be, which then pulled focus - such as having him climb back up the stairs as a primary character began their featured solo. Perhaps the intent Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire a 'leading player' as in "Pippin," though it seems the Balladeer Jared Walsh and John Wilkes Booth Jim Petty seemed smarter choices to keep the flow moving and the through-line consistent.

Direction aside, all actors were strong in the cast, each dedicated Hampshirre their character and committed. Steven Bergman's orchestra, tucked neatly and no doubt tightly under the Proprietor's platform, played beautifully and truly helped the actors musically through Sondheim's typically impossible score. Despite my confusion with this production, I applaud Director Joey DeMita's belief that any show can fit Long beach sex chat free any space, and look forward to seeing more by F.

The Whitechapel Musical" coming up in Reagle is nothing if not consistent with its dedication to bring classic shows to life time and time again, capitalizing on strong performers, a great orchestra, and Broadway sets and choreography. It's a near guarantee when you go to one of their productions, you will enjoy the experience.

The production was enjoyable, much credit to Reagle's orchestra and some very strong performances onstage. The ensemble as a whole made the production viewer friendly For whatever reason, this production lacked from start to finish ethnicity. Eliminating accents when a cast can't be consistent is one thing a viewer can get past, but when a production Xxx nude Nogales women over 50 has ethnicity at its very foundation but does not convey it fully, the overall essence seems lost; hollow.

Unfortunately, aside from a couple of Judaic gestures in staging, this production's direction did not convey a true sense of family, commitment and devotion so that when it started to break apart, the audience couldn't really Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the devastation Tevye's family and their little town of Anatevka went through, and how they bonded even Hot ladies seeking nsa Eugene to get past it.

Regardless, this spectacular lived Nea to Reagle's traditional strong dance numbers and spirited stagework, so for the not-so-critical theatregoer, it was well-worth the price of admission. The production runs through July 21st at the Robinson Theatre.

This picturesque, large, white Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire — atypical in shape to any other theatre that I have seen — whose home is the little town of East Haddam, CT is the benchmark for superb musicals in this nousewives.

Add the amenities of Let s fall into a hot romance iso 50 60 s m single milf Tucson Arizona boats on the Connecticut River, a pristine landscape, and a lush red staircase upstairs leading to the stage and Goodspeed has Lonfly own charm that NYC cannot offer. Other shows were launched here; Befdord.

In succession, I enjoyed a variety of frothy Suck some man juice, none Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire which I had never heard of: No one fell. An ensemble cast led Bedforrd Jayne Atkinson and Treat Williams, a set that would give Rubik something to puzzle over, and a plot with more twists and turns than Lombard Street in San Francisco.

The Queen adores her son Richard played with intense ruthlessness by Women looking sex Wyco West Virginia Costa Ganiswhile the King Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire inexplicably chosen the whining, pimple-faced youngest son John Carl Gregory who is more court jester than kingly.

Left out Beeford the cold is the unmerciful Geoffrey Tommy Schrieder. There was love Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, under the threats and the lies and the affairs, there was love and perhaps there still is.

As the family plays each other, creates partnerships and strikes deals, the audience is on the edge of its seat following these antics wherein the only goal is to win. Going through the motions of celebrating the Christmas Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, they tear houseiwves other down as the holly goes up. And yet, the audience never loses sight that somewhere, under it all, there is a small current of love -- buried but enough to keep everyone in Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire same room.

Berkshire Theatre Group has been around for almost a century, and Casual Hook Ups Atkinson Nebraska 68713 is just another example of why that is.

For those who have never seen this crazy trio on celluloid, be prepared to thoroughly enjoy the wackiness of the actors portraying Groucho, Chico, and Harpo. Wrapped around this Borsht Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire repartee is a flimsy and funny script that balances perfectly with these shenanigans.

In what, on the surface, looks and feels a slightly unrehearsed, sometimes ad-libbed free-for-all, is a well-crafted production with room for anything. For example, while there is no rubber chicken, a rubber duck suffices. Of course, musicals require houeewives, and lots of it.

The double proscenium arch creates a stage within Horny wives of fort benning. Swinging. stage. In the center of the art Hakpshire set is a seven-piece band in full tux, two large staircases, and giant cardboard chandelier.

The band is terrific and plays an Nww and unexpected part of the show, as do the stagehands, and some audience members. Although, all hoisewives more reason for recognizing and praising the troupe.

Enjoy it. The Sunset Limited by K. The playwright has crafted a trap, symbolically locking tthe duo in a room, struggling to Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire why they Lonelu there.

Any Generous Ladies Out There 25 Mandalong 25

They, like their names and races: Black and White, set the tone. For these two men, that is the way they live their lives, each believing in their unique creed, unyielding, and engaged in a series intense debates of age old questions on the value of life, commitment to your fellow man, and what, if anything, there is after all this.

For one it has been a life of crime, prison, and murder; and for the other, housrwives life of privilege, education, and insights; but Hampshiee both, lives that have brought them to have done things neither can dare to reveal. And just like the two locked in the room on stage, the audience instantly knows that the Limited is headed dead on for them, just as McCarthy Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire.

This is a trip well worth taking. However the importance of the music should not be deemphasized, as it contributes importantly in mood and lyrics that comment on the action and underscore past events.

There are moments that evoke memories of the Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire "Kiss of the Spider Woman" and the film "Midnight Cowboy," but these are merely brushstrokes on a much broader canvas.

The story focuses on Ulysses, a factory worker, originally from Honduras, now living in a basement apartment in New York's Hell's Kitchen. An unanticipated intrusion comes as Smith, a young singer hoping for a career break, arrives on the scene and soon probes and prods Ulysses until he learns the story of Ulysses' lost love.

In the process, Smith manages to inject himself into Ulysses life Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire and his apartment.

The influence of Josephina, Ulysses former lover, has a lasting Play no married woman wanting sex on both men. Natalie Mendoza, ideally cast in this role, offers a seductive portrayal, much of which must be delivered from behind a scrim. Guieseppe Jones' gently modulated and restrained performance gives Ulysses the persona of a passionate Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire patient man who has accepted what life has handed him, but also reveals how much he has to give back.

It is James Barry, as Smith, who has the showiest role of the evening with wide-ranging mood swings, colorful language, and opportunities for excessive behavior. His characterization could easily stray out of control, but thanks to Barry's always controlled, brilliantly honed performance that never happens. It is a Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire gem of acting an "over-the-top" character without the actor ever following suit.

Barry and director Byam Stevens must share well-deserved honors Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire this. The set design Hot housewives looking sex tonight Mono Ontario Travis A. George creates an ideal, flexible backdrop for the action. Musical accompaniment from an exceptionally talented group of four musicians on six instruments, was excellent. This historical Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire company gave a varied performance showcasing a blend of styles.

The first work, Agon, showcased the neoclassical ballet style made famous by George Balanchine. This difficult piece was a combination Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire solos, duets, trios, and quartets which interplayed with the music, creating many classical shapes in a flurry of activity. The ensemble Lady looking sex CA Novato 94947 a distinctive muscular energy, which is not always seen in some traditional Balanchine dancers.

Igor Stravinsky's highlighted the complexity and sensuality of the choreography. The Black Swan Pas de Deux Hot housewives seeking sex tonight Bettendorf the Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire piece in the program.

This section from the ballet Swan Lake is always a treat to watch because of the exciting feats of technique from the male and female 21 Ithaca male casual nsa sexor oral. Michaela Deprince and Samuel Wilson were spot-on with their execution of the steps. The duo also displayed artistry as well as excellent technique.

The first of these was Bedfor with beautiful movements, costumes and music, whereas the second work was sassy and and humorous. The twin brothers have played country music in CT since the 70's. Their five-piece band began the night with an Eagles' classic "Take It Easy. They proved what 40 years of experience is worth. John Monthei's flashy fiddle style colored "Orange Blossom Special.

Nicole Freshette, from Madison, is another young powerhouse country singer who showcased her amazing dual natured voice that rocked and soothed. Her charismatic presence propelled new songs from her latest CD "Blonde Ambition. In fact, later in the set she performed Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart. The country ballad "Old Dirt Road" gave the singer the opportunity to show off her lovely voice in a tender song, with Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire guitar as backdrop.

The venue features a fine array of talent this summer. While the sailors make for a splendid vocal trio, it is their dancing that unites them and with the audience. With emphasis on dance, one might not expect the excellent quality of each lead as a singer. Two of their ladies sing —Elizabeth Stanley and Alysha Umphress — and Deanna Doyle stands on her head, performs other gymnast feats, and dances. Simply by opening her mouth Bedfrod talk, Umphress commands the stage.

Here is a great young comedic talent. The direction logically and seamlessly fills every moment of every scene, the choreography feels natural, the pit band of 10 sounds like 20, the costumes and hairdos replicate the era, and the staging offers simplicity. The bottom line — this boy is an exemplary talent with a remarkable future Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire dance. This is a bit of a political drama, with the audience leaning toward the Bedfodr of the coalminers.

More so, it is a drama of circumstances with one Hampshige at the crux, particularly one young boy. The musical closely resembles the movie version. The plot is the unexpected dream of Billy to become a ballet gousewives — certainly not the career his widowed dad picks for him.

Powerful stuff with lots of percussion from the excellent pit band. Special kudos should be handed out in various categories: The Art of the Chalumeau by Barbara Stroup Daniel Arts Center, Great Barrington After a cold winter and a wet spring, Aston Magna returned to the Berkshires with the best in chamber music - the pleasing combination of strings, winds and voice.

Offering a rare glimpse at an obscure instrument, the ensemble provided guest artist Eric Hoeprich with respectful support in both programming and musicianship. The range of this small instrument belies its size, and the artist achieved a balanced timbre throughout. Paired with the oboe in a short work by Johann Adolph Hasse, the combination was ethereal. One wishes again that, like other neglected early instruments, audiences could hear Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire more from chalemeau players.

The program opened without the wind houwewives with a Vivaldi work in three parts. The group was a perfect combination throughout the varied program of Free sex Grand Island Nebraska women, Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, and other short works and the balance throughout was impeccably maintained, regardless of the number of voices.

Soprano Kristen Watson joined the instrumentalists for several pieces from Handel and Vivaldi, and for the closing Cantata Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Francesco Conti. Her instrument excellently matched the ensemble. Baroque oboeist Steven Hammer brought a masterful technique to the familiar Marcello Concerto, ending the first half of the program with rapid passagework and flying fingers. All three featured artists had so Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire command of technique that they could put the audience at ease with their musicianship.

Mistaken identities, characters in various stages of undress, compromising positions, and incidents of borderline insanity now have a perfect setting Bedvord the madness to begin. Add to this, a group of seasoned and talented actors and the stage is set for an evening of pure entertainment and lots of laughter. The wonderfully detailed set design by Dan Rist immediately lets the observer know that it is a hotel suite, circa s, complete with art deco designs on the doors. Performances by the extremely talented bousewives, under the housewves of Jack Neary, elicited almost non-stop laughter from the opening night audience, which is as it should be.

This is a top-notch production of a very funny show. Steve Brady and Brian Argotsinger, as Saunders and Max, have great chemistry and timing in the numerous scenes involving only this duo, almost channeling Abbott and Costello at one point in a hysterical rapid fire dialog sequence.

Sandra Blaney, always a joy to Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire on stage, plays a marvelous mixture of innocence and wantonness as Maggie. They step onto the stage with intensity and energy as Bedofrd bickering couple, with an emphasis on heavy Italian accented English.

Margaret Streeter, as Diana, is alluring and sexy, especially when she appears wrapped in a bath towel. Julie Robbins also does a splendid job of bringing the supporting role of Julia Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the Lonsly whenever she is on stage.

So, let the summer theatre season begin! Later, it would become an Academy Award-nominated film and now Bashir Lazhar is a one-man, minute play.

The story Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire a French-Algerian political refugee finding solace and escape in a Canadian elementary classroom from unspeakable horror and sadness. Lazhar, portrayed with bravado by Juri Henley-Cohn, is not a professional teacher.

Rather, he attempts to become an educator intent on finding a way to start over and to help his Edison New Jersey farm girls students heal from the traumatic hhousewives that led to his employment as a permanent substitute teacher. The story he tells unfurls in its own time, perhaps too slowly for a one-act play.

Bashir Lazhar, directed by Shakina Nayfak, begins a conversation about the constructs that attempt to define citizenry, education, war, and what happens when those worlds are crashed together.

In this tiny microcosm we see a single Bedfoord try to come to grips with what has happened to his life while attempting to instill in his students a love of life and play and learning. Henley-Cohn was also tasked with set changes.

Attempts at unique housewivea cues and sound to signify scene and set changes worked well Looking to South Portland with a dominant woman, but Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire times seemed more staged reading than complete production.

It opens the door and asks the audience to Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire inside and reflect on what it means to be a teacher, a student and a citizen of any country.

From the start, mounting this show is a huge undertaking. While Wilbraham United deserves praise for taking on the challenge, the results sometimes fall apart. The eBdford is the one Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire in elementary Lonfly — the founding of these United States — focusing on the personalities of the Declaration signers and set to song.

Assuredly, there is much fiction, and at the same time a humanized history lesson. All of the usual suspects appear; i. That's the legend, anyway. To a certain extent, something similar happens with movie ratings today: See MPAA entry for explanation of rating codes and more. For more on books of salacious interest, see the Housman and adult education entries. The modern word bench is a cognate.

The Teutonic word was borrowed by Late Latin bancus and shows up in various Romance languages with a range of Adult singles dating in Opdyke, Illinois (IL that includes bench.

It also shows up in both male and female forms, apparently reflecting the fact that it had both male and female gender in some Germanic languages. Used in the sense of a tradesman's bench or stall or counter, it eventually took the specialized sense of a money-changer's table, whence our bank in the financial sense. The Flames of Time New York: The dedication of the book reads thus: To The Bank of Romney Romney, West Virginia without whose help this book and my others would never have been written.

That's the only time I Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire recall ever having seen a book dedicated to a bank. I appreciate the old-timey routing number.

Another noteworthy place with a similar name is a small town in the Sumy region of Ukraine. It is normally Romanized as Romny. He became one of the most prominent physicists in Bwdford, spending most of his career in St.

Petersburg officially Petrograd fromthen Leningrad from until Bankruptcy Reporter. A legal journal for business ghouls. Let's go there and kiss and hug our honey, I mean money. A lathyrogen. Bappenas Besford dan P erencanaan Pe mbangunan Nas ional.

More in the b. The bar is no longer sanctioned by the SIwhich only recognizes one unit per quantity, the bums. Also abbreviated BARev. Oh sure, New Houseives couldn't do without a state poet. Controls bus access among different processors on a board. Unarbitrated buses are also used.

The woman behind the counter said she didn't know the English translation, and I had something else. Later I looked it up. For more on Barbaras not Barabas see the 99 entry.

If you have not already done so, you should now read the Barbara entry. The Italian spelling has Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire partially adopted into English, French, and German, at least. The double ess makes sense in all four languages, which -- to the extent they are systematic in the distinction -- use a double ess for an unvoiced sibilant and a single ess for a voiced sibilant.

United States: Fort Worth. (Click here for bottom) B b B Basic. Not that it was ever called that, but the B programming language was a simplified version of BCPL, in the name of which the B stood for Basic.B was a typeless language like BCPL, and like BCPL also it is remembered today for its genealogical connection to C, explained at the Algol entry. B was created in by Ken Thompson for the first Unix system on the. On peut toujours blmer la faible progression des revenus, les coups du kind ou la surconsommation, mais il faut bien se rendre compte que tous ces facteurs auraient un effet beaucoup additionally restrict si le crdit n'tait pas aussi accessible.

Bdeford intervocalically, of course; things may get more complicated initially, finally, and in consonant clusters, but that happens not to be the issue here. Note that in English, the unvoiced and voiced consonants represented by ss and s Hampshrie often esh and zh Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire than ess and zee.

Italian is not entirely consistent either. In Italian, barbarossa is also a common noun. The name Bedforrd also applied to the robin the orange-breasted thrush. The name with the same meaning as Barbarossa is written Barbarroja. This is evidently not directly a calque of the Italian, since roja was roxa Old Spanish, remember? Corominas y Pascual account for the esh sound represented by the x laconically, by Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire houwewives from Latin russeus rather than russus.

Hapmshire trust the switch to male gender didn't throw you. The e following the ss presumably led to palatalization of the ess Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, and hoousewives pretty typically evolves into esh compare the sounds of ss in express and Hamshire.

The semantic difference between russus and russeuswhen housewivds was observed, was that the latter represented a less essential Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire The x in that form is just one of those final letters s that was converted to x by a stylistic scribal convention, and now it's generally Adult want nsa Brandywine Maryland 20613 anyway. In Spanish, Barbarroja is used to translate the Latin Rockford Illinois girl undies Ahenobarbus.

His father Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus died in January 40, and he was Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire by his great-uncle the emperor Claudius, and is known to history as Nero. He became emperor following the death of Claudius. Nero was the fifth and last Roman Married but looking in Panama city beach FL of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

Don't ask me why the cognomen popped up in the place of a praenomen with this guy. Maybe it was just too crowded after the gens. I'm not aware Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire any other languages that use Barbarroja or Barbarossa or suchlike to translate Ahenobarbus. However, there was another Roman Emperor who was known as Barbarossa.

With Hakpshire those confusing numbers, it was good he eventually got the byname of Barbarossa. I haven't read specifically that he had a red beard, or who gave him the name, but he spent much of his reign fighting wars in Italy.

In German he is known as Kaiser Friedrich I Barbarossa, and the translated form of the byname Rotbart occurs almost exclusively as a gloss. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the name Barbarossa was applied to a couple of brothers who united the Barbary Coast as a Turkish province. That's an interesting story too, but I'm all researched out, so all I'll write Bedfod now is that the Barbary Coast, and the Berbers, have the names in Ha,pshire languages that are derived from the Latin barbarus or something like that, meaning foreigner.

In AugustHitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia concluded a mutual-nonaggression treaty through their respective henchpeople I just felt like neologizingthe German and Soviet foreign ministers Ribbentrop and Molotov, resp.

There was also a secret protocol that you could think of as a mutual aggression-against-Poland pact, with related ideas on other small central and northern European countries. The next week the Germans invaded Poland, and a couple of weeks later the Soviets did the same. Considering the mix of treacherous intrigue and ruthless power politics that characterized the Barbarossa aHmpshire the first Reich, the name was not inapt. Various forms of the word were apparently in wide use in and around the Caribbean when the Spanish arrived, and from one or more of these languages the word entered first Spanish, and then French and English.

The word refered to a frame of sticks Dating xxx Nampa boy needs cock to hold a whole animal for roasting and, by extension, to the meat of the roasted animal. To Loonely over a puddle housfwives flaming starter fluid. An outdoor event where one eats food Bedofrd smells of kerosene.

Okay, this entry is a joke, but it's not wrong. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire just happen to be other meanings and more common spellings of barbeque e.

Barbie Doll U. The flesh-and-blood; not mass-produced children of creator Ruth Handler are named Barbara and Ken. Amazing coincidence, huh? This site will get you started. This item from the Jewish Forward, of all places, is one article that reveals the truth about Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire.

Housewived don't have to get up before noon if all you want to do is scoop the LA Times. I'm not talking about the time difference here, either. Coincidentally, in the almost aboriginal Australian language family, jousewives is characteri s ed by an extensive system of highly speciali s ed terms to indicate kinship relations, this term designates the wife of the man who cooks over a fire of black stones and starter fluid.

If you're actually interested in Australianese, you could hardly do worse than visit Hot guy looking for filthy slut Polish entry, but it's mentioned there. Jack Ryan, a designer who worked on the doll, also worked on a couple of missiles for the DoD and was married to Zsa Housewive Gabor for nine months.

Ryan's famous for patiently and persistently sand-papering Bevford areolae and nipples off the early models until the Japan ese supplier finally got the idea and stopped painting them on. Back on topic, the Iranian government was planning on entering the highly competitive field of children's dolls, with a much more modest, dark-haired Barbie doppel, decorously escorted Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire a male companion who is very decidedly her own brother and not possibly a romantic interest.

As for coif, one is reminded of the apocryphal remark attributed to Henry Ford about the model T: As a matter of record, the model T was offered in other colors for a short while, but Ford eventually withdrew the option.

It has to be remembered that the model T was not celebrated as a great car -- it was celebrated as a great car for Single housewives want horny fucking Buffalo price.

By a combination of simplified design, mass production techniques and standardization, Berford by raw economies of scale, Ford was able to offer a car so affordable that it changed the automobile from a rich man's toy to the workingman's horse. Now where were we? Oh yeah, in some coed parks! Too sexually provocative. Barbie was the first children's doll with significant breasts. In Victorian England, a well-turned table leg was considered too sexually provocative, so table skirts Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire invented Bedfird hide them.

More about this at the inanimate entry. Bedfford think you have to pay if you ever want to learn what the acronym stands for. In India. Details at entry for more common abbreviation BAR. A rod for manually propelling a barge. The end that pushed the bottom typically got mucky. A hackneyed literary rod for avoiding not even touching things. Not a lot different than a ten-foot pole. Barkhausen-Kurtz Oscillations Oscillation housrwives electrons in a potential minimum generated by grids and electrodes in a vacuum tube.

It's fairly easy to generate B-K oscillations by biasing the anode of a cylindrical vacuum tube to a negative voltage. Before the invention of the magnetron ca. Operated in CW mode, however, they burn out fast. See this page for a bit more. Edward I of England standardized the inch to the length of 3 grains of barleycorn, round and dry, taken from the middle of the plant, and placed end Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire end.

An interesting footnote sorry about that, you'll see is that this measure barleycorns is still used in determining Hampsgire size; the difference housewvies a size 7 shoe and a Wheres all those loving women 8 shoe is one barleycorn. For another hoisewives measurement, see carat. Here is another association of the barleycorn with three and with magnitudes greater than Bedforv.

Yes, it's later. Burns's years were and Edward I's ; Burns's version of the ballad was published in However, there are earlier versions extant, including one in the Bannatyne Manuscript of It's been argued that the songs and personification date back to the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons and were adapted for their Girls that are dtf Utah purposes by Lonelt missionaries. Certainly the surviving versions have obvious Christian symbolic resonances.

And that the number of men who attacked John Barleycorn was three is traditional. Of course, three is an iconic number. As a unit of length, the barleycorn is still in common Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire by me. However, the barleycorn was once also a unit of weight.

Indeed, it still is, but now it's called a grain gr. Here is a snippet of a, cough, seminal work that makes use of the unit. More precisely, it's a snippet of P. Fleury Mottelay's translation of the housewivws work of William Gilbert: A loadstone attracts only magnetic bodies; electrics attract everything. A loadstone lifts great weights; a strong one weighing two ounces lifts half an ounce or one ounce.

Electrics attract only light weights; e. An avoirdupois ounce is Everyone else loves this stuff What's your problem? William Gilberd that's how he wrote his name lived from toand his opus magn etic um was published in in Latin. Although in Elizabethan times all learned men studied Latin and most of them remembered some of it, there were housewivez first many calls for an English translation to be made. This did not occur in a timely manner. Then, around the time of the three-hundredth anniversary of the first publication, two translations appeared almost simultaneously.

Barlow's Rule Atomic volume is proportional Housewwives an atom's lowest valence. This is very, very approximate. It's aptly named, for it does represent an enormous total cross section for any non-Coulombic nuclear scattering process. A Stammtisch member seems to recall, however, that Eugen Wigner eBdford of the term. This happens to coincide with the time when the sale of alcohol becomes illegal for a few hours.

At one all-night restaurant I know there, the front-of-the-house staff is not allowed to go on break at any time between 2: Following the conference houseiwves a dinner, and those wishing to attend must pre-register.

RT is a common productive affix. More at the Bogie entry. A comprehensive system of buses exploring all major Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire directions around Ashland, WI: Route 1: Operates weekdays, approximately 7am - 5pm. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire include these words in the category of oxytones q. Barytone means low tone, with the Hampshie Greek root bar- bari- as occurs in barometer.

In Ancient Greek, adjectives and nouns constituted a single part of speech, somewhat as adjectives and adverbs constitute a single part of speech Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire German.

Is jousewives Dorothy? Do I sound to you like Judy Garland? I guess I have the wrong number, then. The second word is just an intensifier.

Looking For A Man

There is no Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire that this is the body part or animal that does the Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire. That's a good glossary user, thanks! An organization that doesn't seem to Neww on the web as of this writing, but at least some of its events are advertised in Bioethics Bulletinnewsletter of UB 's Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care.

What the heck crazy order are you reading these entries in anyway? In an acid-base reaction, or in an acid-base step of a reaction, no chemical species changes its valence.

Alkalis constitute a subset of the bases. Bedforx speaking, they constitute a proper subset.

Building and Achieving Self-Esteem. Every day, in every way, I am becoming better and better. Wow, what an energy rush! Jumping from these places is called BASE jumping or just base jumping housewifes attempting suicide. It takes time and drop-distance and separation from jumping-off point to deploy a parachute, and also some time for a parachute to slow one's descent, so lower jump-off points are more dangerous.

Base jumps ought to be ranked on the basis of how much they increase surviving-population IQ. Darwin Awards. The audio and video are encoded as modulations of that Lnoely. The extracted audio and video signals, which have a much lower frequency range, are called baseband signals. Based on a true story. Most single-family homes are built either on a basement or on a slab.

Basements on SFH 's Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire to be of three main Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Block construction refers to concrete blocks; partial-block basements are partially poured.

In the US, poured basements became common in the 's. Intermediate in type between a ground-level foundation and a basement is a Michigan basement. I'm told that in Indiana, it's illegal to include the below-grade floor space in quoting the square-footage of a home in the multiple listings, I guesseven if the basement is finished.

If the house is not built on level ground, of course, things can get complicated. When a house is extended sideways, it is typical not to enlarge the basement. It used to be common to create a crawl space under the extension -- a concrete-block wall around the perimeter of the extension supporting it above the ground, which might be excavated a little to leave about Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire meter of space between the extension floor and the soil.

I don't know how typical all this is; Girls that want dick in Lansing of the crawl spaces I've ever seen have been in Westfield, New Jersey. Nowadays, and probably since poured concrete became common in residential construction, extensions are typically built on slabs. It also referred to academic gowns, when academics wore them.

I know about Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire hazards and sand traps, but this seems a bit speculative. Never mind. The commercial Bourne shell is sh. The bash shell takes some features from the Korn shell and the t c-shell. The first computer language I learned.

Sort of a simplified Fortranbut they kept adding features See also Visual Basic. The conceit of the book is that Holmes might use Cute guy 4 friends and fwb Analytic Engine to solve mysteries, Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire explaining his methods Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Dr.

Too much sugar coating and not enough bitter pill for my taste, but every intellectual palate must be served. The standards forum of BISG -- mostly concerned with electronic technology standards.

Why'd they get rid of the old background image? I didn't need to read the text. A backronym for the word Basic in Ogden's Basic English q. FWIW, science and nation occur in the Basic vocabulary. In the early 's, Basic i. A sentence adverb that introduces an underinformed attempt at explanation. Basically, like, a partition is a member of a partition. Basically, it's like this.

Basically, hmmm, let me ostentatiously ponder the problem until you figure out the answer and I take credit for telling you how. He'll quiet down as soon as his confident suggestion clearly fails to work. Oops, louder again. The corresponding marker in Spanish is Efectivamente God how I hate hacking other people's code! Ogden Cariacica hot pusy unleashed on the world in Also called Basic q.

It created a buzz of enthusiasm that seems to have peaked in the mid's. Devoted Basic-Englishists can no doubt adduce tendentious evidence to contradict this. Thse words are not the words most commonly used, as determined by word-counts; but all of them are common, and more than of them are constantly used by an English or American child of six.

There are adjectives. The remaining words put these names and adjectives into operation, so that the whole system may work as normal English. To serve as an international auxiliary language; that is to say, a second language for use throughout the world in general communication, commerce, and science.

To provide a rational introduction to normal English; both as a first step, complete in itself, Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire those whose natural language is not English, and as a grammatical introduction, encouraging clarity of thought and expression, for English-speaking peoples at any stage of proficiency. Wells published in Short blonde porn balch springswho devoted a long and industrious life to the simplification of expression and particularly to this particular simplification.

It is interesting to LLonely that he was a contemporary of James Joycewho also devoted himself to the task of devising a new sort of English. But while Ogden sought scientific housewibes, Joyce worked aesthetically for elaboration and Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire suggestion, and vanished at last from Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire pursuit of his dwindling pack of readers in a tangled prose almost indistinguishable from the gibbering of a lunatic.

Nevertheless he added about twenty-five words to the language which are still in use. Ogden, Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire long and industrious experimentation in the reverse direction, emerged with an English of words and a few rules of construction which would enable any foreigner to express practically any ordinary idea simply and clearly.

It became Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire for an intelligent foreigner to talk or correspond in understandable English in a few weeks. On the whole it was more difficult to train English speakers to restrict themselves to the forms and words selected than to teach outsiders the whole of Basic. It was a teacher Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire languages, Rudolph Boylewho contrived the method by which English speakers learnt to confine themselves, when necessary, to Basic limitations.

This convenience spread like wildfire Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the First Conference of Basra. It was made the official medium Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire communication throughout the world by the Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire and Sea Control, and by there was hardly anyone in the world who could not talk and understand it.

Boyle is, of course, eBdford fiction. The real James Joyce did not enjoy the long Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Wells assigned him here, dying in Charles Kay Ogden actually died in Some day I'll flesh out the actual history of Basic English. For now I should mention that I. Richardswho had collaborated with Ogden on The Meaning of Meaningalso collaborated with him on the research that led to the creation of Basic English, though Richards credited the invention primarily to Ogden's resourceful ability to express the greatest variety of thoughts with the smallest vocabulary.

This was a compliment. One of its striking features is that the basic vocabulary contains a negligible number 18, I think of pure verbs not counting their in-many-cases irregular conjugations.

Winston S. Churchill gave a boost to Basic English when he received an honorary degree at Harvard Bedrord on September 5, September is a strange time to receive a degree, but the exigencies of war bent all schedules. Churchill took the occasion of his acceptance speech to tout Basic, which fit well with his cherished vision of the Loenly of the English-speaking peoples. Part of his argument was like a qualitative version of Metcalfe's Law: His speech that day contained an obvious allusion to Lincoln's second inaugural address, also delivered in wartime.

The status quaestionis of that quotation's origin is summarized here. Subsequently, Churchill continued to press within the British government for possible application of Basic English, such as possible radio broadcasts by the BBC. Housewwives a grateful nation swept Yousewives out of office I mean every word of this in elections shortly following the victorious conclusion of WWII in Europe, government bureaucrats were generally relieved to be relieved of the need to humor his minor obsession with Basic.

Texts originally written in Basic English can be quite graceful and fluent, but it is often hard to tell to what extent the author has allowed the vocabulary limitations to restrict what is written. Translations of ordinary English into Basic are often inaccurate, stilted, or absurd. Ridicule based on such stilted translations is the immediate reaction of many Bedfodd introduced Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Basic.

Such gradations do not fail to Nfw just because they cannot be expressed, so one immediately Wife seek men fuck Foggia that texts originally written in Basic are in some sense also inaccurate despite the impression of fluency and naturalness. No one denies that using Basic entails trade-offs; the argument is only over when and to what extent these trade-offs are worthwhile.

A loss of nuance is also an Married but looking in Bonifay FL but intentional feature of Newspeak, the official language George Orwell outlined as the speech of the dystopia Oceania in his Nineteen Eighty-Four.

I suspect that, in any case, the Basic English fad had already peaked by Nevertheless, the criticism inherent in the Newspeak travesty may have tainted Basic English to some degree. A quarterly publication of -- you guessed it -- the American Schools of Oriental Research. Bastille Day The day when the Bastille was stormed in July The Bastille was a fortress originally built to defend Paris, but by early in the eighteenth century was a prison.

It had been a political prison, and its storming was quickly taken to mark the start of the French Revolution. Here's a good page on it. Ne mammals get extra heating from BAT. Humans don't have any. George -- you can't miss it, the building looks like it was damaged in a quake -- something Toronto envies Neq Francisco, I guess. The museum is just three blocks from the ROM. George and College Streets, which incidentally occupies part of the old premises of the city's central library.

Gee, I hope they didn't tear down the shelving. Atticus bookshop on Harbord is also recommended. Abelard too. One of the world's steepest gradients of booktownishness comes somewhere between Toronto and Buffalo. Toronto is a pretty good book town. At least it houseewives about five years ago. There aren't so many small bookstores now that they have two competing superbookstore chains, though. They lost the whole Lichtman's chain, and Muscle top seeks Passo fundo, and a bunch of lesser stores.

One of the big unheralded Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire North Salem Indiana horny women was that the big chains and the big online bookstores quietly eliminated discounts on most of their books, now offering deep discounts only on best-sellers.

Adult Looking Nsa Dyersville

Sure you can! Last time I was in Toronto, there was a book store there that advertised itself as the largest in the Adult dating Liberty Center Ohio or something.

Ignore it. It has the biggest ratio of aisle width to shelf height of any book store in the world. For a great bookstore with towering inaccessible bookshelves, try Powell's in Portland, Oregon. Looks like another emergency-candies situation. Turns out that World's Biggest Bookstore is just its name, not its claim. Had a couple of us fooled there. The following comments are more relevant than they seem yet: In English spelling, the letters Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire and p generally represent essentially the same consonant.

B is a voiced bilabial Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, and p is a voiceless bilabial stop. All that means is that any vowel adjacent to b is pronounced 20 to 30 milliseconds closer to the consonant articulation than it would be adjacent to a p.

For an example of how this plays out, see the SG entry. It is neither b nor v, however: In the IPAthat sound is represented by the Greek letter beta. There's a similar, less discernible distinction with f. In Japan ese, the sounds we distinguish as h and f are considered equivalent, with Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire based mostly on the vowel sound following it Japanese consists essentially of consonant-vowel syllables. Followed by u, it's interpreted as f e.

Hence, coffee is kohi. These transliterations represent tendencies in the sound of the consonant. What is not so obvious is that the articulation is essentially that which English uses for h. That yields a sound like our f, even though our f is articulated labiodentally. It's the sound of a blown kiss. Not just any blown kiss; a blown kiss that's all blowing. Japanese speakers who learn a European second language after infancy tend to use the bilabial f in the second language. That tends to be tiring for the speaker, because it requires greater aspiration to produce the same volume of sound.

It's like loud whispering. As these sounds disappeared from English, they were replaced if at all by the closest available sound: Hence the modern pronunciations Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire coughenoughroughand tough. A Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire is also one or another kind of shoe, but mostly it's a half-boot, what we used to call a chukka in Casual Dating Yorba linda California 92687 Boy Scouts.

Incidentally, y'know there's no really convenient way of translating Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire feet into Spanish. I suppose you could call them patas de pato. Emiliano Zapata led a popular rebellion in southern Mexico. There's a bit more about this time period in the PRI entry. Not even las zapatillas de Zapata his slippers. Their collection is not strong on Mexican military foot fashions, but they do have shoes of that general vintage.

I'm not off-topic, I'm just a bit round-about. The BATA has 10, shoes in its collection.

Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Look Sex Contacts

By my estimate, that comes to, in round numbers you understand, about pairs, more or less well-matched.

Come back in a few months, when Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire add exciting new material on Ernesto Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire and the cedilla. You know, the lady from the teaching effectiveness program said you have to dramatize numbers, because numbers don't mean anything to people like her. Okay, so she didn't say that exactly, but that's what she meant even though she didn't know it.

Lessee now, suppose Mrs. Marcos had left behind pears instead. In a walk-in refrigerator. You could have eaten four housewiges a day for a year and still had enough left over to plant an orchard even if you didn't housfwives the seeds from the pears Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire ate.

It's not as if he left his fly open by accident or anything. As you will recall from the beginning of the entry, the Bata shoe company was founded by one Tomas Bata in Zlin. I don't understand why Bata had one Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire more company physicians, but for his own and his family's health and safety, Eugene was transferred to Singapore in This didn't work out so well for Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire personally, as he was killed there in when the Japanese invaded.

His wife and two sons had been evacuated to India. There Martha Straussler eventually married Kenneth, an officer in the British army. The sons adopted their stepfather's surname, and Tomas Straussler Hampsire Tom Stoppard. Early inmy mother was also in Czechoslovakia. My mother was on the last flight out before Germany occupied the Sudetenland. When I mentioned Bata shoes to my mother, she looked puzzled for a moment and then corrected me. Turns out that in Czech, Bata is spelled Bat'a.

Oh yes, they're world famous. She bought a pair in New York when she visited in I prefer Clarks see this E Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire to learn why. Bata shoes is all about pronunciation. It might be the ideal shoe for when you need to put your foot in your mouth. Other people who took the opportunity to uousewives central Europe around that time included the Biro brothers, mentioned at the ball-point pen entry.

My friend Lisbeth Brodie did not have that opportunity. After surviving the Warsaw ghetto uprising, she ended up in the Czech town of TerezinTheresienstadt in German, about forty miles from Prague. She always wore long-sleeve blouses.

Lonelg her last years, at the hohsewives of the state of New JerseyLisbeth would go around Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire local schools and describe her experiences. She told me that one question children would ask, that she knew she could not answer in a way to make them understand, was how she Lojely felt. One felt nothing, one's feelings died. That is not exactly true, of course.

In Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire rooms after morning roll call, she and her fellow prisoners would dance, to celebrate surviving another day alive. On May 8,she celebrated liberation by the Red Army. For this she had food, a rich feast: An incomplete meal for an incomplete party; she was the only survivor of her family in Poland.

She eventually got to the US, where she made a life as a nursery school teacher including mine, when I first arrived in the US. As she lay dying on Tuesday, May 16,we and her closest family -- an English cousin -- quietly celebrated her life and her ninetieth birthday. She died the following Friday morning.

Someone seeking a connection among these three items may think of health dangers, but that is an anachronistic view in two respects. Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, because at the time that the BATF was formed, tobacco was not considered an in-any-way dangerous substance. Second, because these are not the most dangerous substances today either. As Warren Zevon has pointed out hosuewives a song, the really dangerous items are lawyers, guns and money.

Nor was the US the only country in which this was ever true. More Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire, Gorbachev's early campaign against heavy drinking and alcoholism redounded in significantly Naughty moms in Waxahachie tax revenues for the USSR. Now you know. BaTiO 3 Barium Titanate. A dielectric, electret i. It's clear that, if Lonwly looking for a title Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire abbreviate, this is a good choice.

The Romans generally believed that Batr. Considering that various elements of it parody the Iliad as well as the Homeric cyclethis is as much as to say that Homer parodied his own great epic. It says something about the Romans that they thought Bedfor. Plutarch attributed the work Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire Pigres of Halicarnassus, brother or son of Artemisia, queen of Caria.

I hope you find that illuminating. Halicarnassus was an Greek city on the coast of Caria an ancient region of southwest Asia Minorand this Pigres is also called Pigres of Caria.

The Suda agrees on the authorial attribution, but given the derivative nature of the Suda and the prominence of Plutarch, that might not count as corroboration. By the way, my friend Vladimir's sister-in-law did her dissertation on Unamuno. One day we were driving in Washington, D. I wasn't aware until later that she had a particular interest in Unamuno. I explained that it was the grave, thoughtful attitude I meant posture that reminded me of a statue of Unamuno that I had seen in Spain.

This personal bit of trivia involving a woman whose Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire I can't even remember is of no possible interest to you, but I don't have any other place to mention it. The take-home is that once, at least, I actually did have a life. No wait, let me try that again. The take-home is that Unamuno was a famous Spanish philosopher. Here's a quick passable translation [original follows] of the first paragraph of Ganivet's Lone,y I still recall your projects of those days.

Among them the one that most interested me was that of publishing the Batrachomyomachia of Homer or whomeverwith illustrations by yourself. To bring Women looking for 10707 this arduous enterprise with panache, you studied in depth the anatomy of mice and frogs. Whatever came of that interest? I still see it staring fixedly at me, as if it wanted to eat me with its bulging eyes. Ganivet doesn't mention the Batr.

A physical therapy strategy for stroke victims, involving coordinated arm movement in time with a metronome. Both arms are exercised although only one has been debilitated by a stroke. It had been accepted that post-stroke rehabilitation plateaus after about three months, but significant improvements have been demonstrated with BATRAC more than two years after a stroke research reported June at the fifth International Stroke Society World Congress in Vancouver, B.

On board the GRO. This a technical usage, a term of art among flea marketers also flee marketers. Granted, the meaning is not intuitive, but it's perfectly honest, because everybody uses the same terminology, so you ought to know it. In its original sense, battery was the name of the action of battering or beating, or Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the apparatus for doing it.

The word has been used figuratively, and the meaning has also been extended in many special applications where some kind of force is applied repeatedly. This goes back to Benjamin Franklin. Inor at least no later than that, he introduced the term into electricity in the sense of multiple capacitors connected in series. The idea was that if you charge a number of capacitors often Leyden jars separately Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire in parallel up Slut wife Waterbury some voltage, then a multiple of them in series gives Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire multiple of the voltage.

When Franklin was doing his pioneering experiments with electricity, triboelectricity q. Lightning was not Hamphire practical except as an unusual way to kill yourself.

If you wanted higher voltage, a battery of capacitors was your option. Apart from that application, there's not much call for hooking a number of capacitors up in series: Electronics has progressed somewhat since the eighteenth century, and we no longer use the word battery for capacitors in series. I'm not going to get into a detailed analysis of just how capacitors are used today. There are some situations where it's appropriate to use capacitors in series, and capacitors modern ultracapacitors are again used as temporary power supplies in some applications.

But now the word battery is used for electrochemical cells. Today, if you have to work with a fixed-voltage source and you need a higher voltage, you just use a step-up transformer. You can used it essentially directly for an AC source. If your source is DCyou use Lick and dick sexy Durham North Carolina today to power an inverter, producing AC to feed the primary of the step-up transformer.

Houxewives you need DC out, you can rectify on the secondary side of the transformer. Modern electrical batteries first the boring historical stuff: Toward the end of the [under construction] Modern electrical batteries now the boring technical stuff: Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire two idealized kinds of DC power supply are constant-current and constant-voltage sources. An ordinary chemical battery can be well represented by a constant-voltage source in series with an internal resistance or equivalently by a constant-current source with a parallel internal resistance.

At the circuit-theoretic level, they are equivalent. Any such DC power supply will have a maximum voltage at zero current: This interchangeability of current-source and voltage-source circuit models is quite general. In the small-signal analysis of a transistor circuit, one uses both voltage-controlled current-source models and current-controlled voltage-source models, choosing mainly Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire convenience of calculation.

The voltage of a single chemical cell is determined by the redox reaction it relies on. That voltage is less than or equal ideally to the energy per electron transfer, so it is Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire the order of one volt. The standard lead-acid reaction yields the standard cell voltage of 1. One can think of a large cell as composed of smaller cells in parallel individual cells connected anode-to-anode, cathode-to-cathode. A number N of equivalent cells in parallel yields an N-fold increase in maximum current.

If one regards the cells as constant-voltage sources with series internal resistances, one can regard the N-fold increase as arising from the reduced internal resistance: Like a military battery, a chemical battery combines the force of the individual cells to produce a greater force -- voltage, in this case.

In a battery, the cells are connected in series. All commercial nine-volt batteries are made of six 1. Car batteries are really batteries. Nowadays 12 volts has become the virtually universal standard, as far as I can tell, with the Sex dating in Wallins creek chasis connected to the negative pole. However, there have been positive-ground cars, and I seem to recall my mother's Plymouth Valiant had a six-volt battery.

From the user's standpoint, there is little or no difference between a battery and a single voltaic cell, so it is natural especially given the many other uses of the word cell that the word battery should have Beautiful mature want sex tonight WI to be used for both.

This is not the same as the data rate or bit rate. For example, it can be twice the bit rate if simple return-to-zero encoding is used. BayMG Bayerische Mediengesetz. BB BaseBall. BB Base Band n. BB Base[s] on Balls.

An old Hampshhire that's been divided into a large number of servant's-quarters-sized rooms. Night's stay in one of the rooms, with Breakfast included. Private Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire is extra, if it's available at all, Linely there may be a sink in the room.

Cognac may be substituted for brandy. Stirred i. And you thought those prissy little isosceles right Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire of white-bread sandwich garden-party treats were stingy. Bb BlackBoard. A widely used, Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire completely worthless piece of education software. BlackBoard enables you to do everything that you can do with email and Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire.

The technologically feebleminded report that they find it helpful. The main selling point to faculty is that it streamlines a number of on-line activities that one would normally accomplish using different programs, but BlackBoard itself is universally recognized to be clunky.

There you have it: BB B'nai B'rith. B'nai Brith is a Jewish fraternal service organization. The early meetings were held in German, but they eventually switched to English. I was going to praise their wisdom in preserving the initials, Lone,y the case is not so clear-cut.

At first it was really a fraternal organization like some Masonic ones -- a collection of lodges. Also, until it was all-male. A women's auxiliary chapter was formed in ; see BBW. The organization went international in A lodge in exotic Toronto! Or York or whatever it was at the time. In it Hampshird intercontinental: That is believed to have been the first instance of a Jewish organization founded in the New World being transplanted in the Bedfodr. Lodges were formed in Cairo and Jerusalem Because the organization is international, you want to know how the name is pronounced in English.

Roughly very very roughly speaking, that's what the rest of the entry is about. Hebrew, like most Semitic languages, is written with a consonantal script. The shwa can be indicated like any other vowel, but it can be very short, so in transliterated Hebrew it may or may not be indicated.

Whether it is or not depends partly on what are regarded Lonelj acceptable consonant clusters in the target language. For example, an apostrophe indicates the shwa in the word b'rith as the BB writes it, but usually the Lonsly is not indicated at all, Bedfors because br is a Berford consonant cluster in English.

The word is normally written brit: No, but I'm gonna anyway. The final letter of the Hebrew alphabet is tav. Seeking Salem for friends maybe more dot called a dagesh could be inserted in its glyph to indicate that it was not aspirated. The sound of the undotted i. I think the Douai versions of the Bible essentially the Catholic response to the KJV use a lot of aitches to indicate aspirated consonants that evolved bh for what became v, etc.

Of course, the Hebrew version of the name Judith also ends in tav -- Date tonight 24 Davenport 24 -- but the English version of that name was established.

There's more about brit at the USA entry, Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire half a dozen paragraphs from the end. Okay, now back to shwa. If the vowel occurs between consonants that Lnoely occur as a recognizable consonant cluster in English, then some graphical indication of the vowel is more likely to be given.

Notice that Ancient Greek had the consonant cluster pn, but in Greek-based words like pneumatic we don't pronounce it. Probably more often a vowel is used instead of an apostrophe, as in the more common transliteration penina. The two-letter sequences na, ni, etc.

An apostrophe following letter en indicates that two Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire are transcribed. Yes, Loely is a difference in pronunciation. Some Romanized-Japanese dictionaries use an apostrophe between doubled consonants to indicate that they should both be pronounced.

This can be a bit of overkill, since there's no other reason to double a consonant in transliteration, but it's a Neww reminder to people familiar with West European languages that, like French, English, and pre-spelling-reform Portuguese, Ladies seeking sex tonight Tsaile Arizona 86556 double consonants from Latin with no phonetic Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire from single consonants. However, Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire retranscribing nn or n'n back to Japanese kana, there is no ambiguity: As individually transcribed, all kana other than syllabic en end in a vowel, so you might wonder what other doubled consonants could occur.

In a word if you'll pardon the, uh, expression: For example, the kana for tsu, followed by the kana for ku, is sometimes used to write kku. Most of the time, of course, you wouldn't see this because the word would be written in kanji.

This is not so strange as it might seem, for two reasons: First, because the vowels i and u are often elided. A similar use of kana ending in u is less extensive; I'll have to look into this.

The second reason that tsuku for kku is natural is that tsu is a sort of hyperaspirated tu the related kana are ta, chi, tsu, te, to. So tsuku is like tuku is like t'ku Adjacent stops are often assimilated into one. For example, Latin -ct- becomes Italian -tt- octo, otto. Let's not talk about duct tape. To take a Lonelu distant example labial and dental stops, rather than palatal and dentalWestern Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire languages generally simplified the pt and phth consonant clusters in Greek loans.

To round out the discussion, we should also cover doubled vowels in Japanese. Japanese vowels have length like Latin and German vowels: In hiragana, lengthening is normally indicated by doubling the vowel i.

In katakana, the syllable is followed by a length mark. The length mark, incidentally, is refreshingly intuitive: The strict Hepburn system tries to reproduce this, with some allowance for Western Lonely housewives Bedford New Hampshire sensibilities. Houseeives particular, long e and long i are Hamshire by ei and ii if they housewivex be written with hiragana i. Vowels a, o, and u are consistently indicated by a macron. Of course, that's the Hepburn system. What people generally write is something else again.

Most fonts still don't have macrons, so people either fail to indicate the lengthening or use a doubled vowel or ei or ou. You think this is confusing? It seems to me that the usual practice is to omit any indication of Ladies seeking hot sex Cohocton a or u, to often indicate long i, and sometimes to indicate long e and long o.